Monday, 30 March 2009


Erithacus rubecula


  1. Hi Abbot more good photos, like the ones on the Stithians blog you have mastered the art of digiscoping I have thought about a digiscope before but you are making me think again

  2. Thanks for the generous comments Keith. Regarding you and a scope. I feel you need the versatility of a hand-held camera as I do also. You will have noticed that all my images with the scope are in a hide or our garden...the outdoor excursions have always been a disaster.
    Still..if you decide to go down the scope route for fun or whatever then I will be available for any help you may require as I feel would be John Rowe who started us off.

  3. Trevor.
    Opticron provides a piece of kite called a Universal Mount, which is great for Hide work.
    It enables the user to fit by means of clamping the Scope to the window opening, so your Scope gets Maximum light.This will solve most of your problems, SRB Griturn and Steve Rogers both can provide.John.

  4. Thanks John. Will have to look into it...I need to speed up the shooting process as you suggested the last time we met.


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