Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A possible FANTASTIC newby... and soggy wet Pigeons!

I had less time this morning, laying in my nice warm bed until 6.50am - Rushed to get out and do the head count, and made it to my seat in the garden at 7am.
It was much milder with an occasional fresh breeze. You won’t be getting a professional forecast from me with temperatures and all… not like at Stithians! I’m not likely to hop over the fence and tell you the levels of the water in the stream either! You just get the bare facts - cold, windy, wet, and I heard the water running in the stream so its still there and running well! Don‘t worry Mums, I won‘t swear when its REALLY cold!
Having missed the dawn, but feeling bright and chirpy, I started the head count: Blackbird 5, Blue Tit 2, Goldcrest 1, LT Tit 2, Woodpigeon 4, H Sparrow 9, Starling 6, Coal Tit 1, Dunnock 1, C Crow 3, Blackcap 1 (F) (where are the guys?), Magpie 3, Chaffinch 3 M & 3 F, Robin 1, Collared Dove 1, H Gull 4, Gt Tit 2 (and looking gorgeous), Songthrush 1, Goldfinch 2.
The Abbot informs me he cannot add to my day list. I wonder what he’s been up to all day?… I won’t bother asking cause if its naughty he will lie and if its not naughty… I will get bored very quickly... Unless of course he is planning a birding weekend away for my birthday ;-) !!!
At work I saw: soggy wet F Pigeons 8, soggy wet Jackdaw 2, and guess what?… soggy wet H Gull (lots)!
I heard something in the garden this morning that stopped me dead in my head count tracks! I had never heard this song before so I made notes and vowed to recall it later when I had the chance to listen to my bird song CD. However, the only bird I can ID is one that I never believed I would hear in my garden and will be a life tick for me if I can see it, so I cannot convince myself that I am not being a twonk! However, I have listened to the CD over and over and am convinced that one of the tunes in this bird’s repertoire is definitely the one I heard. I’ll be up early tomorrow and praying it is around again to record it on my mobile phone and maybe get a sighting.
I may not sleep tonight!!!!!
Birding is better than…… Oh, I better not say it!!!!

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