Saturday, 14 March 2009

Birds... birds... and more birds!

Yes Abbot, I know I still have to do my write up from last Sunday...!!!
I have to say I am pleased to see more bird shots up... Soon there will be little ones about and they always stick around to allow time for good shots. Last year we had Juv Greenfinch and Siskin that would practically eat from your hand.
Young Robins who fed from the back door step (as they wouldn't get a look in otherwise!)
We had a Juv Woodpigeon sitting on a branch one evening... it was raining hard and we were concerned. So, food in hand... with the Abbot and mother watching over me... in a bid to make sure this bird was okay... over the fence I went! I touched it and held out the food with the other hand, but it did not move... just looked at me. After deliberation, I decided it was time to let nature take its course and I left it alone. Eventually it was spooked and flew down into the undergrowth. I have no idea what happened to it that evening, but I hope and verily believe that it is one of the adults that visit the garden this year!

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