Monday, 2 March 2009

Back to humdrum... skipping all the way!

I got up with the feeling that Monday morning had hit me on the head, and it had (along with too much wine, which I have since decided to give up)! Yesterday is just a wonderful, but distant memory!
Dedicated as ever, feeders full, tea and bins at the ready I settled down, and my first thought was that it was much colder than yesterday.
The Blackbirds were having their usual early morning arguments and I noticed yesterday’s debate between the C Crows and Magpies continued... It finally came to a close with the Magpies having the majority!
I spotted in one of the high trees something I felt I needed the bins for... I was thrilled (and forgot about my hangover) when I realised it was a Siskin, with a mate! The male appeared to be feeding something to the female (the Siskin equivalent of chocolate I imagine… I know that look!). I have been hoping for Siskins again. Last year was the first year we had them in the garden.
My morning list: Blue Tit 1, Blackbird 7, Gt Tit 2, H Sparrow 6, Blackcap 1 (F), Carrion Crow 4, Goldcrest 1, Chaffinch 4, Robin 2, Starling 8, Woodpigeon 3, Songthrush 1, LT Tit 2, H Gull 2, Magpie (many!), Coal Tit 2, Dunnock 1, Siskin 2.
I added to my garden day list at lunchtime with: Goldfinch 2 (both on Niger seed feeder), Greenfinch 2 and the Squirrel (I know he’s not a bird, but he’s cute!).
I also added to the day list, at work: Jackdaw 2, F Pigeon (lots).
The Abbot reliably informs me that he has had the Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Siskin feeding at the feeders today... and yes, he has the pictures to prove it!
We have much to look forward to. I want a newby for the garden this year!


  1. Shouldnt be too long before you'll have Willow Warbler and possibly Garden Warbler there. It was colder last night - Min temp at Stiths was only 1 above freezing...

  2. Thanks. I'll look them up and listen to them on my bird song site... see if I can pick them out!

  3. just a test to see if i can post

  4. Yes, you can!!
    I put my bird song CD on tonight. I'll be listening and watching!


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