Monday, 16 February 2009

You can't always have what you want

Well, as you will see my theme for today is that you can't always have what you want :-(
Before we started this blog we had a GS Woodpecker visiting the garden. We've been in this house a few years and later in 2008 he/she started to visit. I was thrilled as I love Peckers! I get up every day with the hope of seeing him/her in the garden again, and today was no exception. I did'nt know the difference between the sexes until the warden at Stithians told me a few weeks ago. I have since then started to check out our bird books more frequently. I do need to read up more! Anyway, I did not have the Pecker this morning, but I did have the following:
2 Carrion Crows, 3 Magpies (1 of which came down to feed), 1 H Gull, 2 Wood Pigeons (both came down to feed), 1 Songthrush, 4 Blackbirds, 6 Starlings, 2 Blue Tits, 2 Great Tits, 4 Long Tailed Tits, 2 Coal Tits (this one pleases Trevor as he loves Coal Tits), 1 Firecrest (he's still here and I hope he stays long enough for me to borrow a camcorder), 1 Dunnock, 1 Robin, 5 H Sparrows, 4 Chaffinches, and the newby for today - 1 JAY. I heard him before I spotted him - nice to know they are around.
Believe it or not I did not have time to look out of my office window at work today to check out the roof.
That's all folks....

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