Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday morning hits hard, as always, but with a new visitor!

The weekend now just a distant (very pleasing) memory and I was up bright and early this morning, but not such a good head count as usual and in any event, I have a lot on my mind, so I have not been so dedicated today. The reason... I am making plans for a very important event. Still, I've not done too bad. Due to the low head count I left my notepad out on the kitchen table today. Off I went to work saying to the Abbot and my mother "if you see anything, jot it on the pad for me". So, I shall start by telling you that the Abbot and my mother did not jot anything on my pad and when I enquired the Abbot said.... wait for it... "2 Collared Doves and 2 Coal Tits"... my mother said "4 Blackbirds - fighting"... now I say... "That's dedication for you"!
In the garden this morning I had: Carrion Crow 3, Blackbird 6, Robin 1, Gt Tit 2, Woodpigeon 4, H Sparrows 7, Blue Tit 1, Songthrush 2, Starling 12, Blackcap 1 (F), Dunnock 1, H Gull 2, Magpie 3, Chaffinch 4, Long Tailed Tit 2, Goldfinch (heard only).
Now to the new visitor: a Mouse! Cute little fella and doesn't seem to mind me sitting there with my cuppa. (Don't tell my mother Abbot - she'll do her nut!).
At work on the roof I had: Jackdaw 3, F Pigeon 40+, H Gull 18 (two of which are nest building in the favoured position, which will be ideal for digiscoping). I also had the tail-less Pied Wagtail, which I saw last week.
When walking the Wuffa this evening I saw: Magpie 7, Blackbirds 6, Gt Tit 2, Blue Tit 1, Robin 1, Woodpigeon 4, Goldfinch 4, Goldcrest 1.
Now, my friend at work, Fran, came in to work all excited to tell me she'd had a Nuthatch this morning. She's my new recruit. Told you it was addictive Fran! I want a Nuthatch in my garden :-(
I still love birding!

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