Sunday, 15 February 2009

Never go birding without your wellies!

No time for a head count in the garden this morning, but I put all the food out as usual and heard the commotion of the first callers whilst getting ready to go out. Left mother in charge of feeding at lunchtime and off we went to Stithians.
Started at Golden Lion Hide at 10am. Had a walk with Simon Taylor, Warden at Stithians. Had Golden Plover amongst others - a life tick for both the Abbot and I.
Off to the Main Hide at 12.35pm and then for a walk to the Dam, again with Simon. Very muddy in a couple of places, and I wish I'd had my wellies! At least I kept my boots on though. They normally pull off in the mud and I end up hopping until I get assistance!
Went back to the Southern Cut Off around 2.15pm. Hide was busy with regulars and thanks to John Rowe (who is very helpful and knowledgable on the subject) I think we may be able to get the camera and scope sorted soon. Won't make much difference to my efforts though!
I will not list all the birds I have seen today because they will all be listed on Simon Taylor's Stithians Birding blog so if you visit this blog, be sure to visit Stithians blog.
Our thanks to Simon for the walks and guidance today. Very much appreciated.
Had 50 species today, but when I check out Mr Stiths count I'm sure I will see some I had, but failed to jot down in all my excitement!

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