Monday, 2 February 2009

My Day

Well, having had a good night's sleep (so did the dog thankfully) I got up this morning to 8 Blackbirds, 1 Robin (or Robocop as Trevor likes to call him), Magpie, (H Gull flying over). Fed them and off to work. Lunchtime I popped home to a scene, which could only remind you of The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock). Mainly (about 20) Starlings bullying all the others, being: Blackbirds, Robin, Dunnock, G Tit, B Tit, Sparrows and Chaffinch. Fed them again and no time to spare so off to work again. I did notice on or two Pied Wagtails around our street on the way through.
At work out on the roof I saw: 2 Jackdaw (a first out on the roof), 7 Pigeons (which I feed, but don't tell the boss!), H Gulls (soon to be nesting as they do every year and I'm glad we have the digiscope for that one), Pied Wagtail and that cute Grey Wagtail (bopping to Shakin Stevens in his head I suspect)! He likes scraps from my crib box too I found out today.
Up early in the morning to feed them after the cold night. Lets hope they all find a warm roost.

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