Sunday, 8 February 2009

High ISO..

The Chaffinch like most of the others was shot on an ISO rating of 3200 which has given a lot of noise. The Aperture was f5.6 and the speed was 0.010s (1/99) .
Focal length 2.1mm equates to 103mm using the 35mm format.


  1. you seem to be solving the early focusing issues, as soon as we start getting some good light you will be able to turn that ISO down and it should all fall into place.

    todays shots are really good.

  2. Yes the focusing was an early problem...Angie was not giving the camera time to focus on the subject. I do experiment with the settings and I suppose understand them more than she does and do try to set the camera up for some record shots at least. I am sure we will get some passable images before too long. Well done on winning the contest.


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