Friday, 27 February 2009


Carduelis chloris
We welcome the return of the Greenfinchs after two months of non appearance.
Changing the feeder to a more robust one and also adding a specialist Nyger Seed Feeder has had the anticipated results with the return of both Goldies and Greenies.
Another regular feeding bird conspicuous by its absence is the Song Thrush... now they just sing from the treetops (so I am informed) but do not feed anymore. Hopefully we can entice them back to the garden again.


  1. What is that on the side of the Finch's face?

  2. Not quite sure..thought is was a nut from one of the feeders...but................

  3. Having enlarged the shot I thought it looked like a snail, but then I thought... it can't be!

  4. A tick?? Is this a round about way of saying it's a lifer Angie?? :-)

  5. Haha Stiths!
    Actually, it was a very good suggestion by Fran!


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