Tuesday, 3 February 2009


It was bedlam when I got up just as it was starting to get light. It must be so difficult to land in a tree full of snow! I cleared as many perches of snow as I could and my open feeding stations (I have two covered and two open for the big birds). The Blackbirds watched me. I'm sure they appreciate my efforts. With the rich suet pastry on the tables, along with all the usual feed I put out I sat on the doorstep with my cup of tea. 9 Blackbirds, Dunnock, Robin (2), Chaffinch (5), Great Tits (2), Blue Tits (2), Black Cap (F), Magpie, Wood Pigeons (3 in trees), Collared Dove, H Gull, Long Tailed Tits (2), H Sparrows (4). It appears they like my pastry and I have this afternoon made another one slightly different: Suet, Flour, Ground Sunflower Hearts, Butter, Sugar, Raisins (which I had to cut into tiny morsels with scissors!). I shall put some of that out tomorrow morning and see how they like it.
I walked to work (late!) and came home early due to the fact that only 5 of us managed to get in so were sent home early. Whilst at work I fed the Pigeons out on the roof (12). I also had a text from Mr Stiths telling me how awesome it was at Stithians so that made me feel very pleased to be at work :-(
Took the dog a walk when I got home and VERY HAPPILY spotted 3 Redwing feeding on the ground amonst some trees a couple of hundred yards from my house, along with 2 Song Thrush. So pleased about that as I've only ever seen Redwing at Stithians! Move over Mr Stiths!

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