Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Accidental spillages.... Calculated aiming....

It was milder in the garden this morning so I settled in with my tea and started off with: Blackbird 5, Carrion Crow 2, Robin 2, Woodpigeon 4, Chaffinch 4, Songthrush 1, Magpie 3, H Gull 3, Gt Tit 2, Bullfinch (heard), Starling 12, Dunnock 2, Blackcap (F), Jay 1 (high in trees), Coal Tit 2, H Sparrow 6, Blue Tit 1, LT Tit 2 (chattering away as usual).
I also saw what I thought was another Carrion Crow coming over… I waited and listened… and then it called out as it went over my head… a Raven! Fabulous, I thought.
A bit later, 2 Carrion Crow and 5 Magpies were having a ding-dong up in the tree. It was starting to irritate me a little, so having finished my tea (due to the fact that I’m spending a lot more than 20 minutes in the garden in the mornings) I decided to get some orange juice and wait for them to settle down (BIG mistake!). As I returned the Woodpigeons had joined in (all 4 of them... refereeing I guess). Eventually the Magpies submitted and left the scene. At last I thought... a white flag and peace at last! I reached out for my juice and… (it must be my age or the fact that I was staring up at the birds) I missed my mouth and accidentally spilt it all over my bins! Now, there’s nothing worse than having juicy bits in your bins! Next time I’ll get ‘smooth’! As I’m cleaning out my bins and thinking to myself… “Why am I doing this”… I felt a gentle, but definite splat on top of my head! Hand on head by now, I glanced up to see a H Sparrow peering down at me from the guttering... I’m absolutely sure he was grinning at having made a very accurate and calculated aim! Well, that's two so look out for the third I thought to myself.
On the brighter side, the Firecrest is still with us after all. He turned up for a feed this morning and has been seen again throughout the day.
On the way to work in the car (listening to the Abbot chuntering about his digiscoping ideas) I had: H Gull 5, Blue Tit 1, H Sparrow 5, Jackdaw 2, C Dove 1, Magpie 1.
At lunchtime at home I had: LT Tit 2, Robin 1, Bullfinch (M), Blackbird 5, Chaffinch 2.
On the roof at work: H Gull 6, F Pigeons (lots and thankfully, behaving themselves today!).
No birding on the way home - the Abbot was chuntering again and it had been a long day!
I am now drawing up the plans for my special plan! All will be revealed in good time.
The Abbot has informed me that he has had 2 Greenfinch in the garden today (well, I informed him they were in fact Greenfinches when he showed me the shots he'd taken. He had convinced himself that they were not in fact Greenfinch or Siskin, but something rare!!! - I wish).
I love birding (and the Abbot)!

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